Navarra water management

Capture and management of irrigation data

telco s.l.

Data and irrigation control for the enlargement of the 1st phase of Navarra’s waterway.

Before telco

Client needs:

1. Acquisition and data storage (SQL).
2. Connection losses diagrams.
3. Assembly and configuration of industrial management PCs.
4. Remote control devices.
5. System maintenance.

After telco

Data provided by the servicio:

1- Real-time information of the irrigation flow.
2- Pressure measurements data.
3- Control of the amount of water used for irrigation.

Actions available for administrators:

1- Opening and closing control of irrigation.

Performed tasks:

1. Data Capture.
2. “Device control” service.
3. “Device maintenance” service.
4. SQL: History data transfer.
5. Industrial PC’s configuration.